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121-1491 Solenoid Valve E320B 121-1491 Valve

Model: E320B E320C E320D
Part number: 121-1491
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Keywords:121-1491 Solenoid Valve, 121-1491 Valve Assembly, 121-1491 Valve G, E320B Solenoid Vavle

121-1491 Solenoid Valve E320B 121-1491 Valve 

PRODUCT SHOW - 121-1491 Solenoid Valve E320B 121-1491 Valve

121-1491 Solenoid Valve
Model: E320B E320C E320D
Part number: 121-1491
payment terms 2 - 121-1491 Solenoid Valve E320B 121-1491 Valve

Keywords:121-1491 Solenoid Valve, 121-1491 Valve Assembly, 121-1491 Valve G, E320B Solenoid Vavle

121 1491 2 副本 - 121-1491 Solenoid Valve E320B 121-1491 Valve


Length (in): 4.8
Length (mm): 123.1
Outside Diameter (in): 1.4
Outside Diameter (mm): 34.3
Weight (kg): 0.4
Weight (lb): 0.9

g01456627 副本 - 121-1491 Solenoid Valve E320B 121-1491 Valve

Compatible Models:

320D2, 340F, 349D, 318C, 320C, 390D, 330B, 329E, 320D, 324D, 336D2, 349D2, 311B, 320E, 325C, 336E, 312E, 320B, 345D, 322B, 5090B, 385C, MH3295, 349D2L, 390FL, 374FL, 390DL, 374DL, 385CL, 345DLVG, 345DOEM, 319CLN,

322BL, 322CL, 385BL, 365BMH, 329D, 345CL, 320BLN, 311DLRR, 336EL, 323DS, 325BL, 345DL, 325DL, 336EOEM, 325CL, 385B, 320CLRR, 329DL, 315B, 323D2L, 323DL, 311FLRR, 318FL, 320EL, 324ELN, 345CLVG, 316EL, 320CL, 345BIIL,

314DLCR, 330DL, 345BII, 312BL, 336DL, 345B, 330BL, 349DLVG, 326FL, 330CL, 312DL, 325FLCR, 320BS, 319DLN, 314ECR, 324EL, 312D2L, 320BL, 385COEM, 325DLN, 365BL, 320D2L, 320DL, 325CCR, 315D, 320DRR, 336DOEM, 320BN, 320DLRR, 336D2L, 349DL, 318D2L, 330FL, 320D2GC, 345BL, 328DLCR,

315FLCR, 320FL, 336ELH, 329EL, 321DLCR, 322CLN, 323FL, 315CL, 312D2, 345CMH, 325B, 330BLN, 314DCR, 319DL, 320CLU, 365CL, 345CVGOEM, 330D2L, 349FL, 336DLN, 320CLN, 318EL, 335FLCR, 365CLOEM, 390FMHOEM,
329FL, 385CFS, 365B, 329DLOEM, 336FOEM, 324DL, 320CU, 329DLN, 390FOEM, 323D3 325COEM, 352FVG, 320ERR, 325CMH, 349ELVG, 340FL, 330DLOEM, 320ELRR, 326FLN, 326D2L, 323EL, 330FLN, 336FXE, 313D2L, 323ESA, 320ELN, 336FL

325C, 374F L 345C L 336D L 325D, 5110B 330D L 323D2 L 325B L 335F LCR 329E L 365C 345D, 349D L 312C, 320B L 349E L VG 315C, 320C, 319D LN 349E L 312D2 GC 323E L 320D2 L 340F L LRE 324D L 325D L 320D2, 390F L 345B L 385C L MH 326F L 329D L 336D2 L 365C L 323D S 390F 349D2, 320D2 FM M325D L MH 336D, 312D2 L 336E L 345C, 320D, 312B L 318D2 L 330D LN 322C, 314D CR 318D L 365B II 330D MH 330D2 L 328D LCR 320B, 336F L 330C L 390D L 319D L 349D2 L 330C LN 322C FM 385C, 345B, 320C FM 315D L

312D2, 320D LN 320D L 345D L 320D LRR 321C 312E L 323D L 330D2 349F L 329D2 L 330C FM 385B, 326D2, 336E H 320F L 385C FS 320E L 326D2 L 330D, 325C FM 312D L 336D2 XE 538 323D LN 345B II 322B L 330F, 336F, 314D LCR 314C 320D FM 385C L 568 FM 330D FM 311C 324D LN 312D, 330B LN 336E HVG 345D L VG 320E LN 320D2 GC 325D FM 349E, 311B, 323E SA 312B, 336E, 330F OEM 374D L 320B U 336E LH 349D, 352F-VG 329F L 323D,

325D MH 321D LCR 330B L 319D 320E LRR 325B LN 312C L 336D LN 330C, 349E L HVG 329D2, 336E LNH 336D2, 318F L 324D, 318C, 325C L 340D2 L 313B 322B LN 318B N 311D LRR 390D, 323E LN 320E RR 311F LRR 352F, M325D MH 324D FM LL 336E LN 324E L 345B II MH 323F 365B, 340D L 336F L XE

Other items available:

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For Caterpillar solenoid valve features:

  • Safe and environmental protection, strong and durable
  • Strict craft, save time and energy
  • Long term use of no rust, comfortable handle
  • Easy fixed and connected load
  • Temperature stability can prolongs product life and ensures good performance
  • Low friction ensures high efficiency and long life
  • Simple and reliable structure design

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