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PC128UU-2 controller 7825-62-2001 for Komatsu excavator

PC128UU-2 controller 7825-62-2001 for Komatsu excavator


PC128UU-2 Controller

Model: PC128UU-2 komatsu
Part number: 7825-62-2001
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Keywords: PC128UU-2 controller, 7825-62-2001 controller, komatsu excavator controller

PC128UU-2 controller, 7825-62-2001 controller, komatsu excavator controller


Excavator controllers we supply:

  • For Hitachi machine:
    EX120-2 9125533 PVC controller EX200-2 EX200-3 9104908 controller
    EX120-2 EX120-3 9131576 controller 9104912 controller
    EX135UR controller X4374179
    EX200-5 4372490 controller
    EX200-5 controller 9164280
    X9226754 0241117000 ZAX120-1 controller ZAX200-1 controller
    EX350  controller X4377228 23500-1472 320-104189  controller
    ZAX200/ZX225USR X4445494 controller
    ZX-1 9239568 9212078 controller
  • For Hyundai machine:  
    R210LC-9 machine control unit 21Q6-32105 21Q6-32102 MCU
    R220LC-5 21EM-32133 controller
    R225LC-7 RX225LC-7 MCU 21N6-42101 controller
    R220LC-7 21N6-33200 MCU 21N6-33201 RD220LC-7 controller
    R290LC-7 controller 21N8-32302 R290LC-7E MCU
    RX455LC-7 controller 21NB-32600 controller
    R215LC-7 MCU 21N6-32504 controller
    R210LC-7H MCU 21N6-20020 controller
    R220LC-9S controller 21Q6-32180 MCU
    R320LC-7 MCU 21N9-32100 controller
    R330LC-9S  21Q9-32180 controller
  • For Caterpillar machine:
    E320D controller 211-8874-03
    E320 119-0609X-00 controller
    C7 controller C9 C13 MCU
    E330C MCU 240-5304-02301864631G controller
    E320B 119-0607X-00 controller
    E336D MCU 309-5710 controller
    E320D controller 28170119
  • For DAEWOO machine:
    DH220-5 water pump  DH220-3 water pump DH300-5 water pump  DB58T water pump
    D1146T water pump DH370-7 water pump DH225-7 water pump
  • For Volvo machine:
    VOE21404502 water pump  EC210B water pump EC290B water pump VOE3183909 water pump VOE1699788 water pump
    1353072 water pump 1314336 water pump 3184802 water pump 3803909 water pump 20744939 water pump
  • For Kobelco machine:
    SK220-3 water pump  SK120 water pump SK60 water pump  SK130-8 water pump J08E 16100-3467 water pump


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